Last Thoughts about Wedding Etiquette


This will be our last post on this subject matter, so pay attention! If you have not seen our other posts… where the heck have you been? We have been covering all sorts of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to wedding etiquette!


You do not want to miss out! Make sure you throw the greatest wedding that your friends have ever seen by getting these important questions answered! Just go back through our blog here and read our other posts on the subject matter to catch up.


I’ll wait…


Alright, that being said… let’s dive into the final installment of common wedding etiquette questions that we give straightforward answers on.


1 –  Do you need to ask a person to be in your wedding if they asked you to be in theirs?


The answer is… NO.


It is your wedding! Not theirs! While it is an honor to be asked, it is by no means a thing that needs to be reciprocated. Before you let it known publicly though who your bridesmaids will be, it is perhaps cordial to first privately tell the person that had you in their wedding that you had made your choices and you just wanted to make sure they were comfortable with your decision before announcing it. Show love and respect always.


Almost a 100% of the time they will say it is absolutely no problem.


Besides, some people might even be relieved! Being a bridesmaid does come with a certain workload after all!


2 –  Should you invite anyone you casually mention the wedding to?


The answer is… no.


Try to avoid mentioning it to someone you are not going to send out a formal invite to, unless of course that person is a co worker or a boss or someone you know will not attempt to try and intrude upon your special day. You should bring up the wedding to people you are going to formally invite however. So make sure you get those formal RSVP invitations out 15 days before the vendor needs them like I talked about in the previous post of this series!


3 –  Do you need to invite everyone you work with?


The short answer is… no.


A lot of people you work with you might not even consider friends. The last people you want at your glorious wedding are people that are not even friends of yours! Most co workers are understanding and will not seek a wedding invite by any means. So you probably will not have to worry about this subject being weird at work.


However, if you do decide to invite coworkers, treat them like you would any other friend. In other words, send them a formal invitation and tell them off the clock that you would like them to come to your wedding!


There you have it! We have answered a lot of questions here! HOPEFULLY, you took a ton of notes!


Now… go have the best day of your life!

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More Wedding Etiquette Advice

We are on part 4 ladies and gentlemen! I hope you guys are learning a lot out there in internet land! There is a lot going on, so make sure you are taking notes furiously!


Together, we are going to make sure you are having the best wedding of your life! And an event that ALL of your friends and family members will remember for the rest of their lives! So let’s dive into today’s 3 important wedding etiquette questions.


Are you ready? I hope so. I certainly am!


1 – Should you allow people to upload photos from their phone to social media?


My personal answer? Why not? Let people take all of their selfies. By this point of the wedding, people should only be whipping out their phones if it is after the ceremony. When it comes to the wedding reception party, let people have fun. It is literally suppose to be a party after all!


Also, don’t be taken aback that when you stand up to give your speeches or when your maid of honor stands up to talk about you that you people are whipping out their phones and recording the speeches for posterity. These are often heart warming moments, let your loved ones share with their friends what a lovely wedding and awesome friends you have with their social media group!


The more shares, the better!


2 – Should you allow other people to bring a date?


In my opinion… yes.


It adds to the fun and even if you don’t know their other half, it will mean a lot to that person because now they do not have to dance alone at the wedding reception. Obviously it should be a mandatory yes for anyone in a committed relationship such as their spouse or serious significant other. You want to avoid playing favorites though.


Which means it is usually far less of a headache just to extend the plus one invitation to all of your guests that come.


Besides, as I mentioned earlier, the reception party is suppose to be a… party.


A bunch of people who have gone stag standing around the dance floor feeling awkward in tuxes and dresses is never a fun thing. Let people bring a date! It’ll liven things up, especially when the liquor is flowing and the music is poppin!


3 – How much should people spend on a wedding gift?


There really is no minimum or maximum here. Let people give you whatever is reasonable for them to give, and know that they are giving it with their full genuine love for you and your soon to be wedded better half.


Make sure everyone feels appreciated for offering you a gift, even if it is something small, because everyone is at different income levels with what they can afford. Obviously, DO have a gift registry outlining things you really want so there is no second guessing on their part. But do not feel weird or awkward if someone gives you a gift that was not on the registry either.


Let people give what they think you would love the most. And yes, this might mean ending up with a few sets of pots and pans and fine china. Oh well!


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What Else Do You Need to Know


We are on part 3 of our series about wedding etiquette questions. Wedding etiquette is a subtle thing, yet it is a powerful form of continued tradition that is celebrated all across America and the world at large. So it is important you know what is what so you do not offended anyone and to make sure your wedding goes down in the absolute most fabulous fashion as possible!


We have covered six questions in our last two posts, and now we will cover 3 more questions for a total of nine. I hope you are ready.


If you are following this series, it means you will become an absolute EXPERT when it comes to this subject matter. Let’s dive in!


1 –  What are the responsibilities of the bridesmaids?


Bridesmaids are your sisters in arms in this whole wedding process. They should be your closest friends or family members (though sometimes the sister of the groom is also a pick that should be noted).

These ladies are going to be there with you through the thick and thin of the wedding planning. That means when you go to try on dresses, the bridesmaids should be there. When it comes to planning, sending out invites and so on, the bridesmaids are also expected to carry that load for you.


That is why it is super important to make sure that each bridesmaid is committed to actually going to your wedding.


2 –  Do You HAVE to Cut the Cake?


Some people do not even want cake at their wedding. Some weddings do a candy bar, or a series of pies for their guests. However, the cake is definitely the most traditional option when it comes to weddings. And good wedding etiquette dictates that when the bride and the groom cut the cake, it signals to the rest of the party that it is no longer rude to leave the wedding event.


It also signals the start of the festivities – the drinking and the frolicking and all the super fun stuff that belongs to the reception of the wedding that takes place after the ceremony.


3 –  Who is the proper person to host the bridal shower?


When it comes to the bridal shower, it really can be anyone part of the wedding party that can host it. That means the mother of the bride, or even the mother of the groom. Most often it is held at one of the bridesmaids houses and is usually a loose gathering of friendship and loved ones.

Though, tradition does dictate that whoever does host it, that they are a female. As there are often very intriguing gifts that are not meant for the prying eyes of men not “in the know”. Though sometimes the groom will later on learn about these gifts through usage once he becomes the husband.


If you catch my drift.


I hope you are enjoying these series of posts about wedding etiquette! We have another coming up, so make sure to pay attention for when the next one goes live!


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Three More Questions About Wedding Etiquette

Alright, this blog post will be a continued post from our previous blog post about more questions people have when it comes to the ever subtle (but absolutely required) tradition of good wedding etiquette. There is a lot to cover here, so expect more posts on this in the future too.


Feel free to takes notes, write these down, and brainstorm how these questions and answers are going to play into your own wedding. Make them personal, own them!


Alright, all that being said, what are the 3 other questions about wedding etiquette? Let’s dive into it!


1 – What is the best way to get your wedding guests to actually RSVP?


The best method is to send out enclosed letters that will arrive to your guest list at LEAST 15 days before the actual event. This gives people a few weeks to get back with you. Better yet, do it 15 days before your vendor (the person controlling the wedding site) requires the RSVP’ed guest list.


About a week before the vendor needs the numbers, go through your guest list and give them a call to help remind everyone to RSVP as this makes the vendor’s life very easy. And making the vendor’s life very easy will make your life very easy as well!


Also, a method to get people to RSVP that is a little bit more convenient than just snail mail is to simply send out a nice email newsletter to the whole list. That way people can reply via the comfort of their email and be done with it (instead of adding something to their plate).


2 –  If a friend cannot attend your wedding event… should you still send an invitation?


Honestly, no and yes.


Sound complicated? Well, it is a case by case basis for sure. If someone says they cannot attend, then you probably do not want to send out an invitation to them. Because an invitation implies that they need to provide you a gift as well. You do not want them to feel like they owe you something because they cannot attend!


However, if it is someone that is close to you and they know you are not just hustling for wedding fits, then they might still appreciate getting the formal invitation. Many people keep wedding invites for years after the actual event happens as a happy memory.


So it is really up to you and based on the person you are talking to.


3 –  What happens if you feel like your bridesmaids might not be able to commit?

This is an important subject. The thing is, bridesmaids are expected to pay for their dresses, hair alterations, and pretty much everything. So you want to make sure the bridesmaids are going to be able to commit both their time and some of their finances to make sure your event is worthwhile.


If for some tragic reason they have to back out after committing to you, make sure they understand it is totally okay but that you want them to tell you as soon as possible so you can find a replacement quickly!


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Three Most Important Questions about Wedding Etiquette

Etiquette is an interesting thing. It can be incredibly subtle. Yet, despite it being a subtle thing, it is often something that can highly offend people who are “in the know” if you do not pay attention to these various wedding traditions.


That is why this article (or blog post rather) will seek to answer the top 5 questions that people have when it comes to planning their wedding and then executing their wedding in the proper manner. After all, you want this incredibly special day to be shared amongst loved ones with joy and respect, not anger and family members being upset or offended because you accidentally did something wrong.


Without further ado, let’s dive into these 3 top most common questions people have when it comes to wedding etiquette – and answers that will give you clear cut guidelines to follow for success.


1 – When the wedding is decided, as in you found your partner you want to share the rest of your life with, who should be told first?


First off, if you have been married before or have children from a previous relationship, it is of the utmost importance that they are the ones who learn about this very big life change first. Make sure they understand what is going on, and hopefully make sure they love or at least like your new life partner!


After children, tell your closest family members first. Parents, often the father of the bride for instance, should be a high priority in letting them know before anyone else. After that, tell each family member, or close relationship such as best friends before making the good news public for everyone to see.


2 – Are people expected to bring gifts to an engagement party?


Typically, there are no presents required for an engagement party. Though many people still bring them anyways to show they care. People who do not bring gifts should not be reprimanded in any way though obviously. Also, since gifts are not terribly common at an engagement party, make sure to only open the gifts after the party unless everyone is urging and peer pressuring you into opening them.


Then hey… open them up!


3 – Who should walk down the aisle with you?


In most cases, when the bride walks down the aisle it is with the father of the bride. However, this is not always the best case. A strained relationship with the father, a missing father, and so on could complicate this age old tradition.


Nowadays in our modern culture it is not a big deal who is actually walking you down the aisle. The person you want is someone who you respect, who you love and can feel proud walking down that aisle together with. This could be your father, a step dad, or even a mother or a very close friend.


Heck, it could just be yourself!


It is really up to you in the end. Just make sure they KNOW in advance before the big day so they can prepare for it!


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