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We are on part 3 of our series about wedding etiquette questions. Wedding etiquette is a subtle thing, yet it is a powerful form of continued tradition that is celebrated all across America and the world at large. So it is important you know what is what so you do not offended anyone and to make sure your wedding goes down in the absolute most fabulous fashion as possible!


We have covered six questions in our last two posts, and now we will cover 3 more questions for a total of nine. I hope you are ready.


If you are following this series, it means you will become an absolute EXPERT when it comes to this subject matter. Let’s dive in!


1 –  What are the responsibilities of the bridesmaids?


Bridesmaids are your sisters in arms in this whole wedding process. They should be your closest friends or family members (though sometimes the sister of the groom is also a pick that should be noted).

These ladies are going to be there with you through the thick and thin of the wedding planning. That means when you go to try on dresses, the bridesmaids should be there. When it comes to planning, sending out invites and so on, the bridesmaids are also expected to carry that load for you.


That is why it is super important to make sure that each bridesmaid is committed to actually going to your wedding.


2 –  Do You HAVE to Cut the Cake?


Some people do not even want cake at their wedding. Some weddings do a candy bar, or a series of pies for their guests. However, the cake is definitely the most traditional option when it comes to weddings. And good wedding etiquette dictates that when the bride and the groom cut the cake, it signals to the rest of the party that it is no longer rude to leave the wedding event.


It also signals the start of the festivities – the drinking and the frolicking and all the super fun stuff that belongs to the reception of the wedding that takes place after the ceremony.


3 –  Who is the proper person to host the bridal shower?


When it comes to the bridal shower, it really can be anyone part of the wedding party that can host it. That means the mother of the bride, or even the mother of the groom. Most often it is held at one of the bridesmaids houses and is usually a loose gathering of friendship and loved ones.

Though, tradition does dictate that whoever does host it, that they are a female. As there are often very intriguing gifts that are not meant for the prying eyes of men not “in the know”. Though sometimes the groom will later on learn about these gifts through usage once he becomes the husband.


If you catch my drift.


I hope you are enjoying these series of posts about wedding etiquette! We have another coming up, so make sure to pay attention for when the next one goes live!


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