More Wedding Etiquette Advice

We are on part 4 ladies and gentlemen! I hope you guys are learning a lot out there in internet land! There is a lot going on, so make sure you are taking notes furiously!


Together, we are going to make sure you are having the best wedding of your life! And an event that ALL of your friends and family members will remember for the rest of their lives! So let’s dive into today’s 3 important wedding etiquette questions.


Are you ready? I hope so. I certainly am!


1 – Should you allow people to upload photos from their phone to social media?


My personal answer? Why not? Let people take all of their selfies. By this point of the wedding, people should only be whipping out their phones if it is after the ceremony. When it comes to the wedding reception party, let people have fun. It is literally suppose to be a party after all!


Also, don’t be taken aback that when you stand up to give your speeches or when your maid of honor stands up to talk about you that you people are whipping out their phones and recording the speeches for posterity. These are often heart warming moments, let your loved ones share with their friends what a lovely wedding and awesome friends you have with their social media group!


The more shares, the better!


2 – Should you allow other people to bring a date?


In my opinion… yes.


It adds to the fun and even if you don’t know their other half, it will mean a lot to that person because now they do not have to dance alone at the wedding reception. Obviously it should be a mandatory yes for anyone in a committed relationship such as their spouse or serious significant other. You want to avoid playing favorites though.


Which means it is usually far less of a headache just to extend the plus one invitation to all of your guests that come.


Besides, as I mentioned earlier, the reception party is suppose to be a… party.


A bunch of people who have gone stag standing around the dance floor feeling awkward in tuxes and dresses is never a fun thing. Let people bring a date! It’ll liven things up, especially when the liquor is flowing and the music is poppin!


3 – How much should people spend on a wedding gift?


There really is no minimum or maximum here. Let people give you whatever is reasonable for them to give, and know that they are giving it with their full genuine love for you and your soon to be wedded better half.


Make sure everyone feels appreciated for offering you a gift, even if it is something small, because everyone is at different income levels with what they can afford. Obviously, DO have a gift registry outlining things you really want so there is no second guessing on their part. But do not feel weird or awkward if someone gives you a gift that was not on the registry either.


Let people give what they think you would love the most. And yes, this might mean ending up with a few sets of pots and pans and fine china. Oh well!


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