Three Most Important Questions about Wedding Etiquette

Etiquette is an interesting thing. It can be incredibly subtle. Yet, despite it being a subtle thing, it is often something that can highly offend people who are “in the know” if you do not pay attention to these various wedding traditions.


That is why this article (or blog post rather) will seek to answer the top 5 questions that people have when it comes to planning their wedding and then executing their wedding in the proper manner. After all, you want this incredibly special day to be shared amongst loved ones with joy and respect, not anger and family members being upset or offended because you accidentally did something wrong.


Without further ado, let’s dive into these 3 top most common questions people have when it comes to wedding etiquette – and answers that will give you clear cut guidelines to follow for success.


1 – When the wedding is decided, as in you found your partner you want to share the rest of your life with, who should be told first?


First off, if you have been married before or have children from a previous relationship, it is of the utmost importance that they are the ones who learn about this very big life change first. Make sure they understand what is going on, and hopefully make sure they love or at least like your new life partner!


After children, tell your closest family members first. Parents, often the father of the bride for instance, should be a high priority in letting them know before anyone else. After that, tell each family member, or close relationship such as best friends before making the good news public for everyone to see.


2 – Are people expected to bring gifts to an engagement party?


Typically, there are no presents required for an engagement party. Though many people still bring them anyways to show they care. People who do not bring gifts should not be reprimanded in any way though obviously. Also, since gifts are not terribly common at an engagement party, make sure to only open the gifts after the party unless everyone is urging and peer pressuring you into opening them.


Then hey… open them up!


3 – Who should walk down the aisle with you?


In most cases, when the bride walks down the aisle it is with the father of the bride. However, this is not always the best case. A strained relationship with the father, a missing father, and so on could complicate this age old tradition.


Nowadays in our modern culture it is not a big deal who is actually walking you down the aisle. The person you want is someone who you respect, who you love and can feel proud walking down that aisle together with. This could be your father, a step dad, or even a mother or a very close friend.


Heck, it could just be yourself!


It is really up to you in the end. Just make sure they KNOW in advance before the big day so they can prepare for it!


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