Three More Questions About Wedding Etiquette

Alright, this blog post will be a continued post from our previous blog post about more questions people have when it comes to the ever subtle (but absolutely required) tradition of good wedding etiquette. There is a lot to cover here, so expect more posts on this in the future too.


Feel free to takes notes, write these down, and brainstorm how these questions and answers are going to play into your own wedding. Make them personal, own them!


Alright, all that being said, what are the 3 other questions about wedding etiquette? Let’s dive into it!


1 – What is the best way to get your wedding guests to actually RSVP?


The best method is to send out enclosed letters that will arrive to your guest list at LEAST 15 days before the actual event. This gives people a few weeks to get back with you. Better yet, do it 15 days before your vendor (the person controlling the wedding site) requires the RSVP’ed guest list.


About a week before the vendor needs the numbers, go through your guest list and give them a call to help remind everyone to RSVP as this makes the vendor’s life very easy. And making the vendor’s life very easy will make your life very easy as well!


Also, a method to get people to RSVP that is a little bit more convenient than just snail mail is to simply send out a nice email newsletter to the whole list. That way people can reply via the comfort of their email and be done with it (instead of adding something to their plate).


2 –  If a friend cannot attend your wedding event… should you still send an invitation?


Honestly, no and yes.


Sound complicated? Well, it is a case by case basis for sure. If someone says they cannot attend, then you probably do not want to send out an invitation to them. Because an invitation implies that they need to provide you a gift as well. You do not want them to feel like they owe you something because they cannot attend!


However, if it is someone that is close to you and they know you are not just hustling for wedding fits, then they might still appreciate getting the formal invitation. Many people keep wedding invites for years after the actual event happens as a happy memory.


So it is really up to you and based on the person you are talking to.


3 –  What happens if you feel like your bridesmaids might not be able to commit?

This is an important subject. The thing is, bridesmaids are expected to pay for their dresses, hair alterations, and pretty much everything. So you want to make sure the bridesmaids are going to be able to commit both their time and some of their finances to make sure your event is worthwhile.


If for some tragic reason they have to back out after committing to you, make sure they understand it is totally okay but that you want them to tell you as soon as possible so you can find a replacement quickly!


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