Last Thoughts about Wedding Etiquette


This will be our last post on this subject matter, so pay attention! If you have not seen our other posts… where the heck have you been? We have been covering all sorts of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to wedding etiquette!


You do not want to miss out! Make sure you throw the greatest wedding that your friends have ever seen by getting these important questions answered! Just go back through our blog here and read our other posts on the subject matter to catch up.


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Alright, that being said… let’s dive into the final installment of common wedding etiquette questions that we give straightforward answers on.


1 –  Do you need to ask a person to be in your wedding if they asked you to be in theirs?


The answer is… NO.


It is your wedding! Not theirs! While it is an honor to be asked, it is by no means a thing that needs to be reciprocated. Before you let it known publicly though who your bridesmaids will be, it is perhaps cordial to first privately tell the person that had you in their wedding that you had made your choices and you just wanted to make sure they were comfortable with your decision before announcing it. Show love and respect always.


Almost a 100% of the time they will say it is absolutely no problem.


Besides, some people might even be relieved! Being a bridesmaid does come with a certain workload after all!


2 –  Should you invite anyone you casually mention the wedding to?


The answer is… no.


Try to avoid mentioning it to someone you are not going to send out a formal invite to, unless of course that person is a co worker or a boss or someone you know will not attempt to try and intrude upon your special day. You should bring up the wedding to people you are going to formally invite however. So make sure you get those formal RSVP invitations out 15 days before the vendor needs them like I talked about in the previous post of this series!


3 –  Do you need to invite everyone you work with?


The short answer is… no.


A lot of people you work with you might not even consider friends. The last people you want at your glorious wedding are people that are not even friends of yours! Most co workers are understanding and will not seek a wedding invite by any means. So you probably will not have to worry about this subject being weird at work.


However, if you do decide to invite coworkers, treat them like you would any other friend. In other words, send them a formal invitation and tell them off the clock that you would like them to come to your wedding!


There you have it! We have answered a lot of questions here! HOPEFULLY, you took a ton of notes!


Now… go have the best day of your life!

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